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12.16 The Organization 3.0 model

Last Edited by Ronald van den Hoff on 2/11/2014 2:34:38 PM
The Organization 3.0, comprised of the formal organizations as well as the informal pop-up organizations or Social Economic Entities, organizes its activities around four crucial starting points that I have named as follows: leadership, culture, transactional business concepting, and social business concepting. - The culture of the organizatio..
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13.1 Leaders & vision: inseparable

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A leader is a visionary, somebody that has an eye for his or her environment, and is continuously monitoring the changing circumstances. He or she sees the future and analyses the impact of the changing playing field on his/her organization. A leader is a trend strategist. The vision of an organization is the collective sum of the individual visions of the stakeholders. These include visions of events, developments, and other things in its surroundings, with consequences for the ..
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12.15 My vision of the Organization 3.0

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So, new organizing is not a matter of replacing the old model with a new one. The reform mainly occurs from a vision on organizing. All in all, there was not that much vision for organization in the past: there was a structure for organizing, which was predominantly aimed at preservation. The vision of new organization is directed at breathing along with, moving along with, and experiencing. This does not fit in any model; it is a new structure. Every new structure will have the tendency for ..
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