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3.1 The start: Web 1.0

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The human being is a social animal. For our wellbeing, we need other people. Otherwise, we become lonely and die. As human beings, we are also rational animals. We are aware of our own identity and of our own ego. Being social and developing an ego can conflict. Do your own needs take precedence, or do you serve your fellow man first? And, does your own group then go first? If they do something you do not agree with, do you leave the group, or do you go with the flow? Politically, this is an ..
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17.2 Co-creation: Soccer and cars...

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On the website Myfootballclub, English football fans co-created the exploitation of a football (soccer) club. Tens of thousands of donations amounted to a sizable pot of money, which was used to buy an actual football club: FC Ebbsfleet. These few thousand fans are involved with the daily dealings of the club, like any fan is, with the difference that..
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3. A revolution is born

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β€œIn the past you were what you owned. Now you are what you share.” - Charles Leadbeater After my first experience on the Internet, I saw the enormous opportunities it had to offer. I developed an unremitting fascination with this new world. The Internet granted me access to unexpected sources of information. After growing up with the telephone and fax, I already found email to be brilliant. We set up one of the first Dutch companies with its own webmaster, a college dropout..
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11 A revolution on the move: mobility, real time, and 3.0

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In a nutshell, I have explained so far in this book that Web 2.0 – the social Internet – enables the transition to the interdependent economy and Society 3.0. Social networks, infinite access to knowledge, and unlimited forms of collaboration can bring an end to economic thinking in terms of scarcity. From this point of view, you can regard the Internet as the basis of our future welfare. But what is the future of the Internet itself? We are now entering the world of Web 3.0, an..
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