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2.1 All good things end. Or is it business as usual?

Last Edited by Ronald van den Hoff on 2/11/2014 2:30:01 PM
All good things come to an end. The result of this whole financial-casino-zombie-world is that only 5% of our global volume of money is used for its original purpose: facilitation of bartering goods & services. The financial system, thus, is holding us hostage. No real growth, but a financial fiction, expressed in terms like “Gross National Product” and other theoretical financial parameters. Making money and working with interest, s..
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7.2 Alternative banking services

Last Edited by Ronald van den Hoff on 2/11/2014 2:33:41 PM
So, with any luck, we will be left with relatively small banks, bound by rigid rules and legislation, under strict supervision, and run by reliable people who do not have the urge for expansion. So, they are a little bit boring. They may even be partly owned by the government. It is obviously mandatory for the government, the semi-public sector, and other organizations that administer public funds to do business with these banks. Most European countries own, presently, one or more banks, so w..
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7 Money 3.0

Last Edited by Ronald van den Hoff on 2/11/2014 2:33:39 PM
"The banking sector is rotten to the core. Banks do not do what they should be doing: mediating between saver and investors. And they do what they should not be doing: selling each other inflated nonsense that benefits no one. This was the situation before the economic downturn and it is still the case today." - Ewald Engelen, professor of financial geography at the Free University of Amsterdam, in the newspapaper Financieeel Dagblad, December 10, 2010 &q..
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1 A revolution is always the conclusion of decadence

Last Edited by Vincentariens1 on 1/27/2016 4:33:51 PM
You and I live at a juncture. There is no escaping it. The certainties of yesterday are gone. One after another, there is anew crisis. Our financial systems failed and dragged us into an economic recession of unknown proportions. The cogwheels of our society have stopped. Everywhere you look, there are traffic jams. A crisis – or more? Our technological and social mobility are greater than ever. Our world seems to have shifted into top gear, but why are its wheels not turning?..
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