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17.2 Co-creation: Soccer and cars...

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On the website Myfootballclub, English football fans co-created the exploitation of a football (soccer) club. Tens of thousands of donations amounted to a sizable pot of money, which was used to buy an actual football club: FC Ebbsfleet. These few thousand fans are involved with the daily dealings of the club, like any fan is, with the difference that..
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3.4 Organizing without organizations and the introduction of social capital

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Sharing work, creating value with each other, undertaking endeavors together, helping others through social networks on the Internet: We are more than capable of organizing and self-managing these things without the help from a traditional organization. This idea has taken such flight that organizations who do not adapt and make sure they are connected properly will loose their right to existence and will disappear. In his book,
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12.14 What do your stakeholders say?

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The “crude” delivery of a service or product is no longer good enough. Stakeholders want much, much more: they want a complete and meaningful experience, which will transform them. Stakeholders want an increasingly richer user experience or brand perception during all moments of contact with their supplier. They have to feel that the product, the service, the employees, and the production processes are authentic, and are made just for them. This is tricky, because, all things co..
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18.1 Conclusion: the opportunity, the change

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Fortunately, there is moss growing on the rocks, the convolvulus is creeping through the cracks, and the desert plants only need a few raindrops to bloom. A new order is presenting itself. It may still be an undercurrent, but maybe it is the best way to grow. A moorland fire, if you will. I see more and more people who have clearly chosen how they want to go about with themselves, their environment, and other people. They are the people I call global citizens: people of the new w..
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18.2 Conclusion: network value creation

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Collaborative prosumption in the Sharing Economy means when we create economic value in the Interdependent Economy, we are moving automatically away from the traditional value chain toward value networks (Allee, 2008; Benkler, 2006). There is no particular fixed connection between network members in a value network; the network is not always visible as a group. Generally, a value network has a few core members – including a potential client – complemented with “occasional-collaborators”..
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3.5 (Web) collaboration

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Sharing has become a common phenomenon that has long surpassed the “nerd” stage. Web content is shared in a way and with a volume we have never seen before. Our grandparents watch YouTube or Vimeo videos as much as we do. We share photographs on Flickr, important news items on Digg, and interesting websites on Diigo. With just a few mouse clicks, we place our stuff in an endless display. As said, this sharing is being done on an enormous scale: more than 1 billion unique ..
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