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12.5 The Mesh. How to create your own...

Last Edited by Ronald van den Hoff on 2/11/2014 2:34:22 PM
“A Mesh describes a type of network that allows any node to link in any direction with any other nodes in the system. Every part is connected to every other part, and they move in tandem. ... Mesh businesses are knotted to each other, and to the world, in myriad ways.” - Lisa Gansky in The Mesh. “Meshworks focuses on ‘meshing’ or integrating, alignin..
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16 Social Business Concepting

Last Edited by Ronald van den Hoff on 2/11/2014 2:35:03 PM
Traditional corporate communication no longer works. It makes no sense to pump the corporate website full of information, or to unilaterally bother the stakeholders with ads or other mass media. This is very 1.0. Everybody is sending, but who is still receiving? And stakeholders are simply making less of an effort to find you or your organization. It’s the other way around; the organization needs to seek them out. But where are these stakeholders? Well, most of the time, they ca..
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12.14 What do your stakeholders say?

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The “crude” delivery of a service or product is no longer good enough. Stakeholders want much, much more: they want a complete and meaningful experience, which will transform them. Stakeholders want an increasingly richer user experience or brand perception during all moments of contact with their supplier. They have to feel that the product, the service, the employees, and the production processes are authentic, and are made just for them. This is tricky, because, all things co..
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