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3.1 The start: Web 1.0

Last Edited by Ronald van den Hoff on 2/11/2014 2:31:51 PM
The human being is a social animal. For our wellbeing, we need other people. Otherwise, we become lonely and die. As human beings, we are also rational animals. We are aware of our own identity and of our own ego. Being social and developing an ego can conflict. Do your own needs take precedence, or do you serve your fellow man first? And, does your own group then go first? If they do something you do not agree with, do you leave the group, or do you go with the flow? Politically, this is an ..
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12.12 Reciprocity needs a network.

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Giving only makes sense if you have a good network to give to. Only then will giving be a part of the social capital system, and someday you will receive something in return. So, giving something for free is something different than giving away something free of charge. Organizations who do not have access to a surrounding social structure cannot give. They can only literally give something away, because there is no possibility for the receiver to do something (indirectly) in return.
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3. A revolution is born

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“In the past you were what you owned. Now you are what you share.” - Charles Leadbeater After my first experience on the Internet, I saw the enormous opportunities it had to offer. I developed an unremitting fascination with this new world. The Internet granted me access to unexpected sources of information. After growing up with the telephone and fax, I already found email to be brilliant. We set up one of the first Dutch companies with its own webmaster, a college dropout..
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12.11 Nothing beats FREE

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“There is no such thing as a free lunch” These words date back to the 19th century, when bartenders in the United States were serving free lunch to attract a crowd. The cost was incorporated in the sale price of the liquors, so “free” was not really free, or was it? The word free may mean without cost, but it definitely does not mean without value. There is a clear sense of value, but you need to think of it in terms of intangible benefits such as social capital. You receive some..
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5.7 City development: again, use the abundance, not the scarcity.

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China and Singapore are working on Tianjin eco-city. On their official website it states that: “The Tianjin Eco-city’s vision is to be ‘A thriving city which is socially harmonious, environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient – a model for sustainable development’. This vision is underpinned by the concepts of ‘Three Harmonies’ and ‘Three Abilities.’” “Three Harmonies” refers to: People living in harmony with other people, i.e. social harmony People living i..
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19 The not-very-famous last words: it is 2025, and I am at 42,000 feet...

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“…in the next five years, English on the Internet will no longer be the dominant language. Chinese will take over.” Eric Schmidt, ex-CEO of Google This is a quote by the former CEO of Google from 2009. I remember it well because I made a trip to China that year to research my first book. When I flew back to The Netherlands from China this week, I was reminded of this again. My first book was published in 2011 in The Netherlands, and in 2014 internationally. This book Soc..
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