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4.5 Growth of the economy, but not of the GNP?

Last Edited by Ronald van den Hoff on 2/11/2014 2:32:39 PM
We have seen that social capital cannot be expressed as a GNP-type number. On top of that, a collaborative prosumption economical system, as part of The Mesh, is made possible by the solidarity of people, the possibility of “monitoring” the quality and integrity of the network, the will and the capacity of people to share, and the transparency of the supply. Social media enables us to meet these conditions. Perhaps it may not be visible to everyone immediately, but some of these services are ..
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18.1 Conclusion: the opportunity, the change

Last Edited by Ronald van den Hoff on 2/11/2014 2:35:18 PM
Fortunately, there is moss growing on the rocks, the convolvulus is creeping through the cracks, and the desert plants only need a few raindrops to bloom. A new order is presenting itself. It may still be an undercurrent, but maybe it is the best way to grow. A moorland fire, if you will. I see more and more people who have clearly chosen how they want to go about with themselves, their environment, and other people. They are the people I call global citizens: people of the new w..
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4.4 Economic growth & The Mesh

Last Edited by Ronaldvandenhoff1 on 6/29/2014 1:43:53 PM
The Interdependent Economy of Society30 has other growth regulators than we are used to: - It is all about what goes out, and not what comes in. So, you will not hear “Are we richer today than yesterday?” It’s all about people being better off. Why produce more products that nobody wants? - It is about connections, not transactions. Growing smart is about connecting and co-creating, and not just about trading goods with each other. - It is about people, not product..
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