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18.3 Conclusion: the organization

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If you want to claim your position in the clusters of new value networks as an organization en route to tomorrow in The Mesh, you will have to work with minimal standardization and a new informal corporate culture based on trust and open communication. Only then can you seriously make an appeal to autonomy and entrepreneurship in order to excel internally as well as externally around a dynamic organization. It is not a matter of “being social on the side.” It requires a complete new vision on..
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12.3 The rise of value networks

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“In a disconnected world, the costs of [being] evil are minimal. In a hyper-connected world, the costs of [being] evil explode.” - Umair Haque’s Law, HBR blog. In Society 3.0, people share their knowledge on their own accord; the actual intellectual property of information is..
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3.8 Valuable leadership

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Communities, the virtual tribes of connected people, generally have a somewhat self-appointed tribal leader. The seeking human follows him or her and waits. You will, therefore, see the phenomena in communities of interest where too many kindred spirits wait for the leader to say or do something; the members are not yet taking enough responsibility. The goal, and the way it can be reached, is not always clear. A social network with sheer non-tangible results is granted only a sh..
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12.6 More on value networks, new workers, and the organization, SEE

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On their way to renewal, many organizations have experimented or even adopted the “New Way of Working.” It can be seen as the first step in the process of new value creation and towards opening up an organization to seek connection with the outside world in order to start co-creating. The “new workers” form self-managing, multi-discipline teams within their value networks, which operate smartly and open-mindedly. Every individual new worker represents one or more organizations, a..
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18.2 Conclusion: network value creation

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Collaborative prosumption in the Sharing Economy means when we create economic value in the Interdependent Economy, we are moving automatically away from the traditional value chain toward value networks (Allee, 2008; Benkler, 2006). There is no particular fixed connection between network members in a value network; the network is not always visible as a group. Generally, a value network has a few core members – including a potential client – complemented with “occasional-collaborators”..
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