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15.1 Social and transactional business, Concept 3.0

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Organization 3.0 excels in renewal, in particular in its own organization. In order to (continuously) generate new value, they employ business models with exotic names, like peer-production, wikinomics, co-creation, co-branding, and brand detachment. I will explain these terms in later on. Obviously, this list is not restrictive. Today, people are working in Society 3.0 toward the business model of tomorrow. Naturally, in the value networks of The Mesh, we work differently than ..
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3.4 Organizing without organizations and the introduction of social capital

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Sharing work, creating value with each other, undertaking endeavors together, helping others through social networks on the Internet: We are more than capable of organizing and self-managing these things without the help from a traditional organization. This idea has taken such flight that organizations who do not adapt and make sure they are connected properly will loose their right to existence and will disappear. In his book,
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3.7 From network connections to value networks

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Social networking starts with people connecting with others, the process of which I have labeled “scoring friends.” Also, if possible, people connect with like-minded people. The Dutch network “Ambtenaar 2.0,” consisting of thousands of civil servants, is such a network. In this case, we talk about communities of interest. When information and experi..
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12 Organization 3.0

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“Change is a big part of the reality in business. Willingness to change is strength, even if it means plunging part of the organization into total confusion for a while.” - Jack Welsh The word “organization” stems from the Greek word οργανον (organon), which literally translates into “tool.” An organization is the main instrument that brings people and resources together to add value, within a certain timeframe, to (part of) a product or service, where parts may or may not ..
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