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2.4 Grow to grow, until you no longer fit reality! But who really cares?

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It may sound strange, but growth was, for many organizations, a way of life. Managers fought to postpone the reaching of their Coase Ceiling, or to avoid necessary changes. We even created a word for this unlimited growth: “globalization.” It was, often, not natural growth, but growth from “buying” market shares. The newly-bought corporations were quickly integrated in the existing organizations, and the hunt for new takeovers started all over again, with, as a management mantra, “the takeove..
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12 Organization 3.0

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“Change is a big part of the reality in business. Willingness to change is strength, even if it means plunging part of the organization into total confusion for a while.” - Jack Welsh The word “organization” stems from the Greek word οργανον (organon), which literally translates into “tool.” An organization is the main instrument that brings people and resources together to add value, within a certain timeframe, to (part of) a product or service, where parts may or may not ..
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12.13 What do the guru's say?

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In his book, Theory of Business, Peter Drucker (1994) explains that – in our fast-changing world – traditional ways of organizing (arranging) lead to a corporate structure that can no longer move along with external dynamics. The preservation of the structure has become an objective in itself, and has drifted far ..
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