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3.14 How (real time) relevant are my network friends?

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The strategic positions in networks are of a generic nature: a gatekeeper is a gatekeeper to everybody. But that does not mean he has to be relevant to you. And by relevant, I mean in relation to the topic or theme that I’m dealing with. Imagine I am looking for somebody who knows about logistic processes in France. The gateways “logistics” or “France” are of greater importance, and thus are more relevant, than the amount of possible connections someone can make for me. Most n..
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9.2 How do we learn?

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In an interview with the blog Leading & Learning, Salvina Muscat, an official at the Maltese Ministry of Education, had this to say: “In this busy, fast-changing world, educating children for the future is the real challenge. Children need self-confidence, to be adaptable, to utilize their natural creativity, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, to be increasingly self-aware emotionally and intellectually, and to be capable of building relationships quickly, effectively, and ofte..
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15.1 Social and transactional business, Concept 3.0

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Organization 3.0 excels in renewal, in particular in its own organization. In order to (continuously) generate new value, they employ business models with exotic names, like peer-production, wikinomics, co-creation, co-branding, and brand detachment. I will explain these terms in later on. Obviously, this list is not restrictive. Today, people are working in Society 3.0 toward the business model of tomorrow. Naturally, in the value networks of The Mesh, we work differently than ..
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12.11 Nothing beats FREE

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“There is no such thing as a free lunch” These words date back to the 19th century, when bartenders in the United States were serving free lunch to attract a crowd. The cost was incorporated in the sale price of the liquors, so “free” was not really free, or was it? The word free may mean without cost, but it definitely does not mean without value. There is a clear sense of value, but you need to think of it in terms of intangible benefits such as social capital. You receive some..
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18.4 Conclusion: as The Serendipity Machine.

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These new value networks need virtual and physical locations in which to meet and collaborate. The office as we know it is gone. The traditional school, library, and meeting centers will follow. We need new physical locations, located at new geographical spots, where people can meet, work, exchange information, and more. Organizations today have to rely on powerful, and above all, inspirational encounters around the workspace. This needs to occur not only with colleagues, but wit..
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11.1 More about Mobility, 3rd Spaces, and Big Data

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In China, Japan, and South Korea, mobile is already much larger than accessing the Internet via the computer. In Japan, €6 billion of products are bought and sold through mobile devices annually. In Africa, where there is a demand for infrastructure for computers, the development of the mobile market is much faster than the advance of the Internet. There is simply more revenue to be made with mobile technologies than compared to many Internet service platforms: satellite navigat..
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