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12.5 The Mesh. How to create your own...

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“A Mesh describes a type of network that allows any node to link in any direction with any other nodes in the system. Every part is connected to every other part, and they move in tandem. ... Mesh businesses are knotted to each other, and to the world, in myriad ways.” - Lisa Gansky in The Mesh. “Meshworks focuses on ‘meshing’ or integrating, alignin..
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12.8 The real-time organization

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“The best teams might be temporary, but their company’s success is enduring.” - David Burkus, HBR blog network, 2013 In the 1970s, Gerard van Endenburg put the ideas of a sociocratic organization into practice. According to the Wikipedia article on the topic: “Sociocracy is a form of management that presu..
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12 Organization 3.0

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“Change is a big part of the reality in business. Willingness to change is strength, even if it means plunging part of the organization into total confusion for a while.” - Jack Welsh The word “organization” stems from the Greek word οργανον (organon), which literally translates into “tool.” An organization is the main instrument that brings people and resources together to add value, within a certain timeframe, to (part of) a product or service, where parts may or may not ..
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