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1.5 Note from the author

Last Edited by Ronald van den Hoff on 2/11/2014 2:28:55 PM
This book is a snapshot. As we speak, or while reading this book, new social and technical developments are born. This book has an end, but the ideas of a Society30 do not stop here. Recent developments, discussions, and meetings take place on the book’s website: On this platform, the content of this book is evaluated, contradicted, deepened, and..
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11.1 More about Mobility, 3rd Spaces, and Big Data

Last Edited by Ronald van den Hoff on 2/11/2014 2:34:04 PM
In China, Japan, and South Korea, mobile is already much larger than accessing the Internet via the computer. In Japan, €6 billion of products are bought and sold through mobile devices annually. In Africa, where there is a demand for infrastructure for computers, the development of the mobile market is much faster than the advance of the Internet. There is simply more revenue to be made with mobile technologies than compared to many Internet service platforms: satellite navigat..
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12.13 What do the guru's say?

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In his book, Theory of Business, Peter Drucker (1994) explains that – in our fast-changing world – traditional ways of organizing (arranging) lead to a corporate structure that can no longer move along with external dynamics. The preservation of the structure has become an objective in itself, and has drifted far ..
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