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4 Society30: what was and can be; the authors intermezzo.

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In his book, The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman claims we have entered the third phase in globalization, which he calls “Globalization 3.0.” Friedman describes Globalization 3.0 as “the newfound power of individuals to collaborate and compete globally. With cross-border skills and contacts, immigrants w..
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4.5 Growth of the economy, but not of the GNP?

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We have seen that social capital cannot be expressed as a GNP-type number. On top of that, a collaborative prosumption economical system, as part of The Mesh, is made possible by the solidarity of people, the possibility of “monitoring” the quality and integrity of the network, the will and the capacity of people to share, and the transparency of the supply. Social media enables us to meet these conditions. Perhaps it may not be visible to everyone immediately, but some of these services are ..
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16.3 More social stuff...

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Social business concepting is defined as the rendition, the customized arranging, and the timely opening of a broad data stream for the benefit of the value networks of the organization. The American Internet consultancy The Dachis Group uses the following definition of a so-called social business design: “the intentional creation of a dynamic business culture that empowers all of its constituents to better exchange value.” On the branch line of social business concept, you will ..
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4.1 A new playing field

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“There is a new economic reality parallel to our current conventional economic system, where sustainable value is created every day...” - Ronald van den Hoff Four value systems symbolize Society30 and its interdependent or sharing economy: GREEN There are feelings of solidarity between people that we are on our way. There are desires for personal growth, attention to the environment, and problems concerning our surroundings. In work, one is motivat..
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4.2 The interdependent economy

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We are ready for a new economic model (and with that, a new social and political model, too). I call this sharing economic model, the domain of value creation within Society 3.0, the “interdependent economy,” an economic system based on: - Solidarity - Sustainability - Reciprocity Actually, it is a logical next step in the development of our society. History shows us a certain evolutionary order of ranking in different economic systems that, evidently..
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3.5 (Web) collaboration

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Sharing has become a common phenomenon that has long surpassed the “nerd” stage. Web content is shared in a way and with a volume we have never seen before. Our grandparents watch YouTube or Vimeo videos as much as we do. We share photographs on Flickr, important news items on Digg, and interesting websites on Diigo. With just a few mouse clicks, we place our stuff in an endless display. As said, this sharing is being done on an enormous scale: more than 1 billion unique ..
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4.3 The rules of the game in the interdependent and collaborative economy

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The interdependent economy shapes our new playing field for value creation. The personal is global. It is a playing field where we will have to mobilize ourselves to find solutions together. Everybody’s involvement is an absolute condition for this. We are deeply dependent on each other. We can call it a new form of collectivity and solidarity, but it is a solidarity driven by choice, and not imposed by government. It is a playing field where connectivity, sustainability, and reciprocity are ..
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4.4 Economic growth & The Mesh

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The Interdependent Economy of Society30 has other growth regulators than we are used to: - It is all about what goes out, and not what comes in. So, you will not hear “Are we richer today than yesterday?” It’s all about people being better off. Why produce more products that nobody wants? - It is about connections, not transactions. Growing smart is about connecting and co-creating, and not just about trading goods with each other. - It is about people, not product..
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